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    ChandlerpediA is your one stop online place to learn about all things Chandler!  You can browse photos, documents, oral histories, and stories from the collection of the Chandler Museum.  You can also explore the city's first newspaper, the Chandler Arizonan, published from 1912 to 1986.  Check out our online exhibits, too!

    On April 24, 2012 ChandlerpediA was designated as an Arizona 2012 Centennial Legacy Project.
    Arizona Centennial Legacy Project 

    Centennial Legacy.jpg

    According to AHAC's websites:

    "Legacy Projects involve community-wide collaboration and demonstrate the vitality, quality and diversity of Arizona. These projects will help to establish a lasting legacy well into the next century. The scope of projects will enhance teaching and learning about Arizona's history with new content from accurate, original research."


    A very special thank you to all the people who have helped to create and maintain ChandlerpediA:

    Dani Amaya
    Jessica Andrew
    Radhika Arora
    Kristilyn Baldwin
    Brandon Basha
    Betty Beard
    April Boggs
    Tom Bourne
    Shermain Brown
    Kitty Chen
    Jody Crago
    Jackie Dickson
    Mari Dresner
    Tiffani Egnor
    Celena Gammon
    Aleyna Garcia
    Connor Golobich
    Jordan Golobich
    Phyllis Johnson
    Kelly Jones
    Dan Lee
    Dave McDowell
    Ali Meuller
    Nate Meyers
    Cheryl Milot
    Ali Muller
    Lizzie Olson
    Jean Reynolds
    Amalia Ross
    Paul Schubring
    Paul Smith
    Jeff Stanton
    Angie Sullivan
    Linda Voss
    Rita Widmer


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