Timeline of the San Marcos Hotel

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    Timeline compiled by Sylvia Bender Lamb, March 1981. Sources: Chandler Arizonan, Arizona Republican, brochures, hotel scrapbooks.

    May 1912  Contract for construction awarded to Los Angeles firm of Sears and Galbreath
    August 1912 Weaver Construction Company of Los Angeles now in charge. Shipping delays hold up progerss. All of town waiting.
    October 1912 All materials on hand. Real work commences.
    December 1912 Up to third floor
    January 1913 Interior work begins as all is now under cover. Finest electrical wiring.
    February 1913 Planting lawn to south. Pouring concrete columns for pergola -- each over one ton. Interior materials -- doors, windows, casings, frames, counter, etc. -- all from L.A.
    March 1913 As much as possible run by electricity: vacuum cleaner, meat chopper, coffee grinder, dishwasher, stoves, warming plates. All wiring underground. 1,500 electric lights.
    July 1913 $50,000 spent on interior furnishing. Color schemes by Mrs. Chandler. Interior designer William Loftus of Los Angeles. Many items from Eastern showings.
    August 1913 Grace Perly Robinson named manager.
    September 1913 Work on 100-acre golf links begins. Putting greens adjacent to town near railroad depot. Will have water hazards, unusual in Arizona. Harry Collins and Will Robinson, designers. Located at the end of Commonwealth Street
    November 1913 Formal opening of the hotel. 500 in attendance. Newspaperman's Day precedes public viewing. Social elite in attendance. Excursion train and automobiles. Buffet supper and dancing. 
    March 1914 Country club formed to promote golf links. 9 holes with sand and oil greens. Also cooperate in upkeep of course. Open to locals.
    April 1914 Crude oil used instead of coal or wood in hotel: cheaper and less injurious.
    June 1914 San Marcos Summer Club for area residents. Collapsable motion picture screen at the south end of roof--said to be the largest in the southwest. Nominal membership plus credentials. Roof garden parties twice a week with motion pictures, dancing and food.
    July 1914 Bermuda grass seeded on golf course. Move hole #1 east of Halstead Lumber Co. on Commonwealth Canal. Relocate mexicans living there. Benches to be put in shade for spectators.
    September 1914 Block to west to become parking, walks, flower gardens. Remove unsightly buildings. Vines will vve planted to cover newspaper office.
    November 1914 Tent houses near Chandler Arizonan will be replaced by bungalows. Korean houseboys, return for another season.
    December 1914 Cashman contracts to do tennis courts. Croquet groundsw to go in space on north.
    October 1915 Bill Huggett now permanent guide for hotel.
    March 1916 Two-story hotel on Alabama, planned by Will Robinson and Harry Collis as annex to San Marcos. To be called the Saguaro Clubhouse.
    September 1916 8 bungalows to be built. Martin and Gillis of Los Angeles successful contractors; designed by Reginald D. Johnson, one of California's most distinguished architects. Just west of the hotel. To be built in elipse form with sunken gardens, walks, etc. pool at center. Play field and wading pool for children at far west edge. Teahouse at northeast of putting green and tennis court. Cottages will have bath, living room, bedrooms, porch, red tile roof white stucco, green shutters.Park designed by Paul Thiene, designer of San Diego Exposition grounds.
    1920 H. W. Easton becomes manager.
    December 1923 Steam heat throughout hotel
    March 1928 Dedication of hotel taxi airport. 80 acres adjoining municiple limits of Chandler. Operated by hotel, but open to all planes.
    May 1928 Close of most successful season to date - 18th year. Announcement of presidential candidacy by Frank Lowden of Illinois at San Marcos. Championship concrete tennis courts.
    November 1928 New golf course laid out by Harry Collis and William Watson of Los Angeles. Sprinkler system for watering.
    February 1931 Additional cottages constructed, designed by Phoenix architect.
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