Arrival in Arizona

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    Using the flair of a fiction wrier, Dr. Chandler's arrival was described this way in the Arizona Highways article.

    "The only passenger to alight from the west-bound train at Seligman, Arizona, a junction on the Santa Fe one August night back in '87, was a blue-eyed, boyish looking chap, who waited patiently while his luggage was being dumped onto a dark station platform.

    Dr. A. J. Chandler, 1887

    "The panting locomotive gave a rasping gasp, coughed protestingly, then moved out of the station, its few coaches clattering, taking with them, so far as he could see, every other living mortal west of east.

    "In the distance a weird wail and a crescendo of taunting yaps rent the curtain of the night as the lone traveler stood watching the pin-point of light from the locomotiveuntil it was swallowed by velvet blackness.

    "Stumbling around he finally ran into a bulky shadow which proved tobe the inn where a sleepy landlord put him up for the night. The next day the brach line train carried him to prescott, then the Capital of Arizona territory.

    "'Welcome ro Arizona, Dr. Chandler!' was the greating of Will C. Barnes to the smiling man alighting from the coach. Thus on August 8, 1887, without fanfare of triumphant entry, Dr.  A. J. Chandler was welcomed to Arizona, its first territorial vetrinarian...

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