The struggles of a new Territorial Veterinary Surgeon

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    Dr. Chandler continued to paint a bleak picture of his arrival in Arizona to the Arizona Highways reporter. Her description continued:.

    "Arizona was in the throes of a devastating drought when the new vetrinarian arrived. Livestock was dying at an alarming rate and vegitation was burned up. Unaccostomed to a deset country and having just left the  fresh green region around Detroit the newcomer was disappointed and disallusuioned. How could one save sick cattle already dying of starvation. Here was fool's gold instead of nuggets in the Yukon of his dreams.

    "He decided to go to California. He handed in his resignation to a startled and reluctant board." (He resigned with his first 30 days on the job) ""Mr Bruce was particularly insistent that he wait a little longer before making a definta move. The young man was obdurate, but compromised by accepting an invitation to visit [Bruce's] ranch before making his decision.

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