Who lived in this house?

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    The house you are standing in was built in 1938 by William D. McCullough. McCullough, a Detroit industrialist in the automobile industry, spent thewinter of 1936-37 at the San Marcos Hotel and became enamored with Arizona’s sunny winter weather. He bought 240 acres of land and commissioned Phoenix’s famous architectual firm, Lescher & Mahoney, to design the house. The Pueblo Revival home featured servants’ quarters, three car garage, rooftop patio, built in backyard barbecue, and four bedrooms.
    The Lockhead family, co-owners of the Pecos Valley Alfalfa Mill in Chandler, bought the house from the McCullough Family in 1943. The Lockhead family did not live in the house long. It sat vacant for several years, and was periodically rented to guests of the San Marcos Hotel.
    Arthur Price, Chandler’s first attorney and business partner of Dr. Alexander J. Chandler, purchased the home in 1950. He and his wife, Louise Chandler Price, lived here until their deaths in the mid-1970s. Following their deaths a caretaker lived on-site for a time. After standing vacant for a number of years, the Price children donated the house to the City of Chandler. Following a nearly one million dollar renovation, the house reopened in 2007 as the Chandler Museum.
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